11:41 PM

I am into graphic patterns and  I am into mustard colour.
A stripy viscose was a pair of loose trousers in its previous life (a flea market buy).
A mustard fabric was really small one, bought some time ago on a flea market. I wanted to make a short skirt with big pockets. But then I started to work on it and realised it wasn't enough for a skirt... But my determination was bigger than such a tiny detail :) So a black stripe was my solution. In my opinion, a great solution. (pattern for skirt - longer one with pockets - you can find in Burda 11/2012#125)

Materials: stripy viscose, beige bias tape (different colour for the pocket), mustard fabric, black wool, invisible zipper

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5 komentarze

  1. Cute outfit! Love all the details you made in the whole outfit, well done!

    1. Thanks a lot!! I also like this set :)

  2. Bardzo sprytnie! Efekt rewelacyjny!

  3. dziekuje uprzejmie! ukontentowana rowniez jestem.