January 20, 2014


Looking for more warm sweaters this winter.

Materials: light blue knit.

December 8, 2013


Tilda Swinton photo from www.huffingtonpost.com

Materials: black and white bouclé, black thin cotton band (finishing the neckline facing).

December 2, 2013


Few weeks left. The best season of waiting.
To please my kids I prepared a red ('Mom, I really like red ') advent calendar doll. Every morning they can find a sweet surprise in a pocket.
Another thing is a Christmas/non-Christmas wreath. It was my last Christmas's project but because of travelling I didn't make it. Maybe there is nothing particularly christmasy in it but for me it's a x-mas decoration :)

Materials: red, white and grey polyester, colourful bands, knitting thread (hair), embroidery floss, blush | grey and white cotton, white felt, sequines, silver thread, silver and white band.

October 22, 2013


So here is the dress I made some time ago and after one use I decided to get two garments out of it.
I wanted to let down the top part and remake a skirt to a pencil one.
For the top I used a thin cotton whith cute small pattern, which I found in my mum's fabics' pile. It's an old, old thing which I remember from my childhood :)
For the first time I sewed an exposed zipper. I am really satisfied with that. By and large, I tried hard to focus on precise and neat finish. 

Materials: white cotton, small print cotton, black buttons | grey blend (silk, cotton, viscose), grey lining, cotton band, metal zipper, snap fastener.

October 15, 2013


My summer bag has to wait for the next summer. I've just changed it for a grey one.
It wasn't a big deal to make it. Attaching handles took some time.

Materials: grey faux leather, grey and black canvas, black leather handles (from some old bag), tubular rivets, magnetic snap, brown cotton lining, zipper.

October 6, 2013


Here it came. The autumn. But today there was such a wonderful sun...
I don't really have too many long sleeves and I suppose it won't be too warm until let's say april next year.. This blouse appeared in my mind. It's exactly what I imagined to be and it's comfortable too.

Materials: stretched jacquard (dark blue almost black flowers), grey knit.

October 3, 2013


These are the orders I took last summer. My sister had her vision and I was supposed to do something with that. Bring to life I guess.
The bag has a shape of the most standard shopping bag. It's made of soft, fake leather. It will not have a too long life because of its too thin and too weak material. But my sister is happy to wear it now.
The blouse is very pink :) It's a stiff polyurethane (quilted by me) which is not the best skin's friend but the vision is the vision!

Materials: black fake leather, zipper (for the separate pocket atached on a thin belt to one of the handles), magnetic fastener | pink polyurethane.