August 24, 2015

REMAKE #1 (and #2).

Isn't great to buy a cheap cloth and work on it until it gets the shape you wanted?
The skirt was size 44 and the blouse was supposed to be small...
The changes were simple and fast.

August 21, 2015


This is my last summer pregnancy garment.
Two layers of stretchy nets.
Roomy and comfy.

Materials: net fabrics (grey and b&w)

August 20, 2015


Light cotton top: comfortable and airy.
The armholes finished with bias strip.
Extremly simple and a good dress pattern as well.

Materials: striped seersucker.

August 18, 2015


The dress is 2 years old.
Nothing special really - I made it because of the animal pattern.
It's very comfortable and still loooks good. 

Materials: poly.

August 17, 2015


I like the pattern for this skirt: 8 pieces together and midi length.
 Its lining is around 10 cm shorter. 
Unusual top fitted well but the neckline was definitely too open. I had to intervene!
The result is almost satisfactory :)


Materials: geometric pattern viscose, beige cut out  fabric, beige lining, zipper, snap fastener.

August 16, 2015


Had this cotton for a long time.
I knew it would end up in some shirt form.
And here is my shirt dress.

Materials: striped cotton, white cotton.

August 15, 2015


Looking for the simplest top is not the easiest thing!
This top is my favourite one so far.
Strong black and white graphic. Nothing more.

Materials: thick jersey.