November 3, 2015


It's a modestly oversized coat :)
Definitely to wear unbuttoned. Otherwise it reminds a doctor's overall.
Some thicker textile would be probably better here but I still like it. 
I do like a pattern and have some new ideas for its use in the future.

Materials: green and black woll, black lining, snap fasteners.

October 16, 2015


I had exactly 76 cm of a wool with some square cut in the middle..(from a flea market)
I wondered for a really long time what to do with such a nice but strangely cut small piece.
And as often happens: it just struck me.
It's my very first vest in my life and I have to admit I missed lately something extra to put on sweaters, thin jackets etc. This is a perfect solution cause it makes me warmer and still comfortable (certainly don't wanna be a michelin man). 

Materials: white and black wool, black lining.

October 15, 2015


Mickey Mouse to be exact.
For fans.
Sooo easy to make.

Materials: black fleece jersey.

October 6, 2015


I needed to change mu summer bag to something more serious :)
I needed something simple and sporty.
I am always surprised that every new season I need a new bag... (ok, I'm not. my husband is :)

Materials: black quilt, wine red lining, brown cotton tape (handle), d-rings, zipper, snap hooks.


I wanted something ovesrsized.
Something with longer back.
And something with v neck line.

Materials: white knit.

October 1, 2015


This is a gift.
A gift for a person who likes to be expressive.
When I saw this fabric I imeediately knew its destiny!

Materials: green and black thick jersey.

September 29, 2015


I bought this cowl because of the wonderful green colour.
I wore it few times maybe. I am definitely a fan of big warm scarves...
This is a thin knit, not easy to sew when you don't have a proper machine. 
The result: acceptable.

Materials: thin green knit.