Little dresses for little ones.

1:17 AM

I don't know the girls yet. But our meeting is getting closer. Both are almost 3 months old. Both are my wonderful friends' daughters. Zosia and Dorotka.
I decided to sew something for them instead of going to shop and choosing the cutest among cute girlish stuff.
Zosia's dress I copied from the 'Giraf' one which my husband had bought for our child who turned out to be a boy.. It's not the simplest one (but also far from being difficult), has some details that you have to work on but it's worth the time I spent on it.

Dorotka's dress is a piece of cake, done with lightning speed. As I'm not fan of making thing twice, I wanted the second dress to be different so I just cut some pieces and put them together. Then two ladybird-buttons, piece of white band and here we are.

Materials: dark-blue blend, dotted batiste, white band, buttons.  

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