S for snake-bag.

11:30 PM

The story goes that my mother-in-law got a jacket from her daughter. The jacket was too small for her so I was the next one to be a donee. I told her honestly that the jacket was totally not my thing but I could take it and remade. A deal was done.
After maybe half a year I felt like making my first bag. So that was the time to use the unwanted jacket made of slippery green fake snakeskin leather. I didn't have any metal parts, handles etc. That sort of forced me to make a bag of 'one-piece'. It didn't make the sewing easy but after all I made it.
So voilà: the snake-bag with green lining and small pocket inside, zipper closed.

Materials: fake leather, poliester lining, brown cotton band, internal stiffener, zipper.

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