Retro rose mini dress.

2:47 PM

Recycling rules!
First there was a textile. Then came a dress.
Every time I visit my mother I go through her closet with fabrics and old clothes. There is almost always something new - she dosen't have time to sew at all but accidentally finds some boring clothes made of cool fabrics (dog cheap as well). I found there one day a long rose skirt. At first glance it was only ok.  The second time it was interesting. And for the third time it was superb! My mother generously gave the fabric to me. I had some undefined vision of what I want. Later on I found a nice simple dress in Burda issue. I had in mind that it was really not too big piece of the fabric so I wondered whether would be enough for a dress. Well, nothing left after cutting all pieces. Front part is made of two pieces (instead of one), as I missed few centimeters. But the pattern is quite dense and dark so it's not even visible. To make pockets I had to use some black cotton after I run out of the rose fabric. The strings on a back are made of black cotton band.
I like the dress but I have one regret: the back neckline could be smaller. I planned to check it out before cutting but forgot.. Otherwise it's nice in its simplicity.

Materials: cotton, black band.

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