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I'm a little bit upset because I wanted to write more regularly on this blog... I still want to that but why it's not so easy? Last months I haven't sewn anything really. I was tired, sleepy and didn't feel like touching my sewing machine at all. The last time when I felt like that was two years ago when I was pregnant with my son, now the story reapeats itself. Luckilly the worst period is over so now I feel like sewing a lot. I would if I only had time :) But there is always a work to go to and a family to take care of... But suprisingly sometimes such time comes :)
Last month I had two weeks on my own - my husband took our son and went for an unexpected holidays. I sewed during their absence two pairs of shorts, two skirts and two dresses. Meanwhile I also remade my old dress to a top, shortened some trousers and fixed things which needed that. So I think that was good and efficient time! After that I packed myslef, joined my family on holidays and has just returned with a pile of new fabrics!
Today I'm presenting the skirt which my sister ordered. She rarely asks me to sew something for her but when she does, I have to always play with that for a while. They are not complicated projects but e.g. contains of many layers of slippy fabric...
Anyway she sent me a picture of a skirt she liked, she bought fabrics, delivered to me, said how it should differ from original and waited for the result. The picture which was a base for me is the one below:

source: somewhere on a web

Most difficult was to make it in good size. I don't have a mannequin (my husband always talks me into buying it but we don't really have a space for that in our tiny flat) and I couldn't count on myself as I have bigger belly now. The lace that she bought was also very elastic but somehow I managed. My sister got it just before my departure, tried it on at home and texted me that it fits. Few days later she sent me a message that people at her work liked it a lot.
Don't you think this is a very safe skirt? I think it shines in the darkness! :)

Materials: elastic green fluoroscent lace, beige lining, invisible zipper, transparent button, cotton band.

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