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I don't belong to the circle of women who like to wear maternity clothes. I don't buy them as they are used really only for a moment. On the other hand I like loose dresses and tops which are very useful now. I am getting bigger but I don't stop sewing. The condition is I always make something what I can use later, when the pregnancy is over.
With this dress the fabric was first. I had a piece of elastic thicker knitted fabric and started to look for something what would be simple and comfortable. I found this pattern in Burda 2/2012 issue (Tunic Dress #119).

It wasn't complicated to do. The upper squares are a little bit tricky but not infeasible. While sewing I found the dress a bit boring so I decided to add a cotton band around the edges of front and back squares. I was thinking a lot whether to make pockets and ultimately I did - sometimes I like to have them and sometimes they are completely unnecessary. I can wear it with belt or without. It will be perfect to wear until the end of pregnancy as it's elsatic and later on as well. But I quess I will take it in a little bit...

Materials: brown knitted fabric, brown cotton band.

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