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Two things here. I sewed them some time ago.

First one is a very basic and very simple skirt for the summer. I had a short piece of a thin knitted fabric. I planned to sew some top but that would need using some other fabric as well. And then one day I found it a nice working material for a fast skirt! Well, there is really nothing to explain here :) A stripy rectangle with a white lining rectangle put togehter, and an elstaic in the waist. That's all!

Materials: stripy knitted fabric, white lining, elastic.

Second project is the long-sleeve shirt. I wanted to use my red and brown checked fabric. I knew only that it would be an upper garment. Eventually my inspiration was a blouse with front pleats from Burda 10/2011 (#114).

I didn't need cute pleats as the idea was to have more sporty than elegant shirt. I added brown piece of polyester (suede-like) because I didn't have enough cotton for whole garment but I didnd't wanted it to be too boring as well. I made a slit in a front (now I think it could have been a little bit longer). I spent some time on a cuffs with one button as I haven't really made it so far :) And after making this blouse I haven't changed my mind - this is not my favourtite type of garment to do!

Materials: red and brown checked cotton, brown polyster, two buttons .

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