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I had a plan to sew some maternity clothes. But luckily I skipped that idea :) In the last weeks of my pregnancy I didn't think about new clothes at all. It's the least important right now I guess. But I felt and still feel like doing something! As I moved to another country I left my sewing machine at my parents house. But my husband surprised me one day and brought his mother's sewing machine. Even tough it's a very basic model and consequently heavy-handed, I appreciate the gesture. And after all better that than nothing.
So here we are: new place, new furniture or its lack :) To make it more cosy I started to do some decorative stuff. First I made some bunting flags and pillow-cases to my son's room. Then pillow-cases to the living room. And my last project was my first tilda rabbit.
I didn't make any special work on the pillow-cases. I wanted the work to be simple and fast. The only requirement was a nice fabric (I used a zipper to close each of them to be sure they will keep a nice and firm shape). And I didn't make any clothes for my first doll because naked rabbit looks really good to me :) My son is not a fan of soft toys so I knew that it would be a decoration only. I would probably do more of them to give away as a present - it's quite a pleasant work.
All the exhibits below!

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