11:45 PM

I know, I am becoming boring... Pillows and toys only. But what can I do?

There are two new pillows on my sofa. One with a strong pattern is really a nice colourful spot in the living room. And another pillow is another story. In a nutshell it's a big failure. I was so excited to transfer a print onto the fabric... And I failed so much. And what's the worst I don't know what went wrong. I used an acetone and the cotton and a laser printer. And the picture became washed-out brown instead of light black! When I saw the result  I wanted immediately to use some fabric paint to make it better. But after some time the failure became quite interesting and I decided to use it and finish the pillow. Maybe one day I will use this fabric paint...
And finally I spent also some time on a new doll. I was inspired by my wonderful colleague, called in some circles (i.e. by me ) The Black Sheep. So this is my present for her - her alter ego :)
Despite the fact that I haven't really made any advanced project lately I have to say I've been a prolific sewer and blogger as well!

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