8:00 PM

Well, I still have time to do something :) The child is not very eager to leave my belly...
I bought a musical mobile on a flea market. It was very colourful but it wasn't something I liked. I am a minimalist... I was eager to have this toy so I got it with the thought of changing the soft toys. As I know infants see only black and white during first months of their life so I was thinking that making sheeps would be a good choice. So I did and the result is below.

Another thing is trivial but I like it. I needed some baskets for my cosmetics. I bought two black and white fabrics and I was thinking to combine it with orange. And surprisingly I found a piece of nice orange textile on the flea market. Surprisingly because I never find things which I need WHEN I need them :) Anyway I found there also a perfect bottom material. To make the bottoms stiffer I used canvas table mats. Right now I am using my new baskets in a bathroom but they can be used for ANY thing if I get bored :)

I sewed also two pillow cases but maybe it's too much already about pillows here :)

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