12:10 AM

Time is flying.. But time cannot be wasted!
Today I made a cheesecake with oranges.. We'll try it tomorrow.

Yesterday I finished my first Teddy. Today he was at his first photo shoot. Maybe he doesn't look the happiest bear in the world but neither he looks the poorest creature. I was very enthusiastic about it. I bought some time ago a nice mint canvas with floral print. It was a remnant but cute enough to get it. I had no idea what to do with it until the Teddy idea started to take shape.. Well, it wasn't maybe the best idea to use this heavy textile for a small doll but I managed. I had a problem with closings - have to make a survey how to do it properly and nicely.
Well, next projects are already in my mind. I always think I am done with my manual works but then suddenly there is again something to do. Hopefully I can still make some of them.

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