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I fall in love with this dress from the first sight (a boat-neck dress from Burda 2/2012, #107). I can't help it but I like such things - very simple with simple but nice detail (and loose enough for mothers-to-be).

I knew that I had to make it but it took me a while to choose a fabric. I have still wide choice of it and I love going through my collection :) I didn't want to use satin as they did in Burda - I'm not a fan of satin and I avoid it. I wanted to have two different fabrics but not too contrast. I chose finally light cotton which colour is difficult to define - depending on the light it looks very light blue or grey. It has tiny herringbone pattern and thanks to that it looks great to me. I bought it few years ago in Finland as well as the other fabric used in this project - batist. When I put these textiles next to each other I knew that I found my set! What have I changed here? I didn't make a bottom stripe (it would be too decorative for me), I skipped the pockets and I shortened the sleeves a bit.  And here it is!

Materials: herringbone cotton, blue and red batist.

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  1. Cute! I love your dresses, you have sewed many, They´re great!