12:15 AM

So here is the dress I made some time ago and after one use I decided to get two garments out of it.
I wanted to let down the top part and remake a skirt to a pencil one.
For the top I used a thin cotton whith cute small pattern, which I found in my mum's fabics' pile. It's an old, old thing which I remember from my childhood :)
For the first time I sewed an exposed zipper. I am really satisfied with that. By and large, I tried hard to focus on precise and neat finish. 

Materials: white cotton, small print cotton, black buttons | grey blend (silk, cotton, viscose), grey lining, cotton band, metal zipper, snap fastener.

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2 komentarze

  1. Piękne rzeczy, bardzo podoba mi się wzór na spódniczne no i ten zamek wyszedł Ci idealnie! podziwiam :)

  2. dziękuję bardzo z komplementy. z zamka też jestem zadowolona :)