11:25 PM

These are the orders I took last summer. My sister had her vision and I was supposed to do something with that. Bring to life I guess.
The bag has a shape of the most standard shopping bag. It's made of soft, fake leather. It will not have a too long life because of its too thin and too weak material. But my sister is happy to wear it now.
The blouse is very pink :) It's a stiff polyurethane (quilted by me) which is not the best skin's friend but the vision is the vision!

Materials: black fake leather, zipper (for the separate pocket atached on a thin belt to one of the handles), magnetic fastener | pink polyurethane.

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2 komentarze

  1. Kosmiczny materiał na bluzkę :) Jest tak dziwaczny, że aż ciekawy :)

  2. Ha, ha :) Jestem ciekawa jak długo można w tym przetrwać. Siostra chciała, to ma. A spikowany materiał wyglądał całkiem fajnie.