Birthday dress.

2:25 PM

Ok - I thought - it's been a few weeks at least since my last sawing operation.Let's do something again! First whole Saturday I was thinking what to do and what textile to use for this vauge proejct. Finally after midnight when my son fall asleep and I made a decision I started sewing.
I chose the dress which I didn't like too much when I saw it for the first time in Burda (07/2011). I used one of my latest purchase: brown flannel. I have to say it was a quick job. Next day I almost finished it - only manual finish left (bottom and sleeves). I have to say it just whetted my appetite to sew more!
And according to my plan - the dress was ready to be an outfit for a birthday hero - me!!

Materials: brown flannel, brown polyester (bought in the interior design shop), invisible zipper

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  1. Love you fabric combination, I'm planning on making this same pattern in denim. It looks and fits great on you, happy birthday!