Simple navy dress.

12:07 AM

I have never liked blue. I've always thought that it' wasn't my colour. But some time ago I got to like navy blue. It's such a cool colour :)
I haven't even noticed when I became the owner of so many different kind of navy blue fabrics. The one I used in this dress I like a lot. It's so casual. 
I chose simple dress from Burda (07/2011). I made few changes: the dress in longer, the neckline opening is shorter and it has sleeves. If I didn't use elastic (which I also located higer than in an original) it would be also great with a belt.  

Materials: blue blend, elastic

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  1. I like your version much better with the smaller neckline opening and higher waist, Burda has some strange ideas about what is office friendly sometimes. oh and the chevron detail of your fabric is really cool!