Going green.

7:06 PM

I found this skirt in Burda (09/2010) and I badly wanted to sew it. I thought that one of my mother's fabrics which I bought for her would be perfect. The process of sewing became quite long... After making pattern I cut the fabric and left it overhanging the bicycle in my room for some weeks. Meanwhile I sewed some other things. And then I thought that this peculiar decoration of the room was not really nice one... The weather was getting better so that was also good motivating factor :)
I have to say I don't like to sew a chiffon crepe. It always makes me moan and snarl. There is always a lot of playing with this runny fabric. The most important thing is to be patient! But the pattern and colour of the fabric as well the idea of the skirt were convincing enough.The crepe was too transparent so I made a basic simple skirt of a white lining. All in all it wasn't all that bad! Feels really good.


Materials: chiffon crepe, white lining, invisble zipper, white cotton, hook and eye

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